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About Charlie Horse

Charlie Horse has been a Polocrosse clubs since 2002. It was founded by Debby and Jamie Zito. We play in Summerfield (south Ocala) and travel as a team to tournaments all over the East coast. We host practices weekly, even have clinics and lessons. Although, we are based in Ocala we have members from all over central Florida. We are a small club but at out highest we had about thirty-five members who all traveled, competed, and practiced.


Our Practices

we spend time learning drills, racket skills, strategy, and how to become better riders and players. This includes all levels of riders and horses. From beginners to international level players. Polocrosse is a family sport and it's because of that we all make many new and true friends during incredible experiences.


More about Polocrosse

Polocrosse is a team sport although, it seems like Polo it is very different. We play on one horse for a tournament whereas polo would require many. With that comes a greater confidence and stronger trust between the horse and rider. Each team has three positions, a 1 (Goal scorer) , a 2 (Midfielder) and a 3 (Defensive player). Since each position has a different job there is a lot of coordination and planning done by the players in order to put the ball through the goal post. 

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